Office: Barker Center 030

Office Hours: M 10-12

I’m a PhD Candidate in the English Department at Harvard University. Recently, I've been working on an article based on the Grand Season of Art at the Paris 1924 Olympics; designing an online, interactive, digital-humanities project, "Pentathlon of the Muses;" and teaching a Junior Tutorial on "Global Modernism, Short Form," along with a section in Humanities 10

My dissertation is about modernism's reaction to the rise of sports as global mass-culture, using their intersection at the Olympic Art Competitions of 1912-1948 as a focal point. The research ranges from the archival to the digital, making use of the papers at the Olympic Studies Centre in Lausanne (and elsewhere) as well as expanding artwork-databases.  My other academic interests include twentieth-century literature more generally, genetic criticism, forms of visible or belated revision, recurring characters, inter-artistic crossovers, and the ludic.

I've worked as a Teaching Assistant or Fellow for the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute, Harvard's Expos and GenEd, and edX; and I've designed and taught three of my own courses: a Wintersession introduction to Ulysses  called "J(oyce)-Term" and two Junior Tutorial seminars. I've also helped design two online courses, on Ancient and Modern Masterpieces of World Literature.

After graduating from Stanford in 2011, I worked for two years at Oxford University Press in New York, first in English Language Teaching and then in neuroscience. In my time at Harvard, I've been co-coordinator for the British and Anglophone Literature Colloquium and Assistant Director for the Mellon School of Theater and Performance Research.

In my free time, I like to edit videos, play pick-up sports, and design board games. I've also got a novel that I periodically talk about revising and never do.