Olympic Art Competitions entries database

This spreadsheet records the basic data about all the Olympic Art Competition entries as compiled by Sports-Reference (see citation and data use policy below), with some minor corrections based on the Olympic exhibition reports and catalogues. Categories include: year, event, title, artist name, rank, age, and national team. "Hors Concours" refers to works that were exhibited but did not compete.

Thanks to Derek Miller and Jacqueline Basu for their help assembling this index.


Entries database with added metadata

(work in progress)

This spreadsheet expands the basic data above to add details (categorical or fine-grained) about artworks and artists. Artwork information is based on submission titles and, when possible, images, recordings, or texts that have survived. Artist information is based on Olympic exhibition catalogues and the individual bios written on Sports-Reference. Some of the new categories are incomplete, as information can be scarce, so please contact me before using this data for analytical purposes.

New artwork categories include: sport or Olympic topic represented; geographical orientation (e.g. local or foreign subject); gender of subject; sub-genre; medium; interest in the category of victory. New artist categories include: city from which he/she submitted; whether Sports-Reference bio is available; sex; top athletic-career honor attained; political preference; response to fascism and Nazism; race/ethnicity; affiliation with traditional art school or organization; affiliation with modernist group; teacher; stance on classicism; and association with particular artistic style.

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     [Data use policy: https://www.sports-reference.com/data_use.html]

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     [NB: Only the names of medal-winning artists are recorded for 1920]

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