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Public Forum


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Under Review

"Matisse's Ulysses: Temporal Form in Modern Art."

Conferences and Colloquia

“World Champion Style: Black Fighters, Midcentury Writers, and the Cult of the Challenger-Celebrity.” Panel: Samples and Fragments, 1945-1980. American Literature Association, May 2019.

“‘Mortal Combat with the Best in Your Field’: Ancestors and Mentors in ‘A Storm of Blizzard Proportions.’” Round Table: Teaching Ellison in the Context of Other Writers (Ralph Ellison Society). American Literature Association, May 2019.

"Shell Shocked and Punch Drunk: Robert Graves, Ernest Hemingway, and the Trauma of the Veteran-Boxer." Panel: Transatlantic Shell Shock. Modernist Studies Association, Columbus, November 2018.

"Woolf and the War-Guilt Question: Teaching and Practicing Revisionism in Mrs. Dalloway." Panel: Virginia Woolf's Pedagogic Art: The Lecture, Then and Now. NeMLA, Pittsburgh, April 2018.

"The Olympic Art Competitions and Contemporary Olympic Aesthetics." Panel: Sport, Aesthetics, and Media. International Conference on Sport, Olympic Games, and Media, Lisbon, March 2018.

“Matisse’s Ulysses: Visible Revisions.” Harvard-Yale Book History Conference, Cambridge, April 2017.

“Long-Distance Reading: Statistics of the Olympic Artistic Pentathlon, 1912-1948.” Harvard English Graduate Symposium, November 2016.

“Pan-athletics: Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic Art Competitions of Paris 1924,” Panaesthetics: A Colloquium on the Visual Arts, Literature, and Music, Harvard Mahindra Center, May 2016 (Respondent: Caroline Jones, MIT).

Position papers for Modernist Studies Association seminars

  • “The Field and its Referees,” for “Modernist Institutions,” 2018

  • “Olympic Eurythmics: Arts, Sports, and Crowds,” for “Modernism’s Physiological Aesthetics,” 2016

  • “Gold Medals and Golden Boughs,” for “Global Modernists on Modernism,” 2015