In my spare time, I design (overly complicated) board games. This is just for fun; they aren't for sale--at least not yet. I'm still working out the kinks in all of them, so I'm always on the lookout for play-testers!



In Casablanca during WWII, players band together as members of the French Resistance, racing to fill out sheets of codewords by sending each other telegrams. At the same time, they have to guard their secret Underground site, control the "Resistance Radio," and use encryption cards to encode messages, as some players at the table may be collaborating with the local police... 



Generals Game

This started as a study-tool for the English graduate students' Generals Exam, and it's been used for a few years since our cohort passed. Now it's an all-purpose capture-the-flag map, for jazzing up trivia and other party games. (Though, in that capacity, it needs some work...)


Spy Game

Spies in Cold-War Europe are hunting for a Doomsday Device, while a few double-agents try to prolong the search and cash in. "Spy Game" (which really needs a better title) is an adventure in dead drops, gadget cards, secret missions, and dramatic betrayal, in which any Rendez-Vous might end in seduction or in a fight.